The Search For Inspirado

(or…”Watching The Un-filled, Un-heated Pot”)

Every morning I get into work, turn on my computer, and do the following: Open Outlook, open Firefox and then whilst Outlook is trying to remember who I am and what Inbox I own, I open seven tabs in Firefox. Always seven. Always the same seven destinations. Every day.

I can probably automate this, but then I won’t know what to do with those now-free seconds. I’d probably have a minor breakdown from the rapid on-set anxiety that would occur. I’m not going to dwell on this any longer, I can already feel my time-anxiety rising. (time-xiety?)

One of these tabs, is for a little blog I like to read, called “Thoughts In the Key of N“, which, if you’ve just clicked on that link, will have appeared in your browser, and will currently be giving you a very strange feeling of deja vu. Don’t worry reader, that was purely intentional. I intended that. I’m trying to get those hits up in any way I can. Which leads me to today’s thoughts…

I’m not doing anything.

I sit here, logged in every day and looking at the beautiful bar graph of life, and wonder. If this were a pet, I’d be idly watching it flounder to an inevitable flatline.

The post is a long-time fan favourite.  I have no idea who Bald Gary is.

The post is a long-time fan favourite.
I have no idea who Bald Gary is.

But it is not a pet – that Graph O’Life is a visual representation of activity in this little corner of the internet (or lackthereof), and one I should not treat as a piece of decoration, but rather a call to action.


That was the motivated part of my consciousness. It’s the part that actually enjoys throwing on loose-fitting clothing, running around parks, and walking the fine line of activity-caused dehydration. There is another part, that sits back in the comfy seat, twiddling with a pencil, trying to figure out which thought is best to start the writing with. Then there’s another bit that is standing behind the other, shouting random thoughts out loud and sniggering often. Then there’s another bit with a diary in hand, droning out dates and activities and things-that-must-not-be-forgotten. Then there’s one more bit who’s thinking about video games, or websites that need to be looked at, or wondering what purple soft drinks taste of.

What I’m trying to say is…I’m easily distracted, and I need some extra motivation or discipline. Or ideas. Got any ideas? I need an idea. Or criticism. Criticise me, I will be galvanised by your negative feedback and discerning commentary on my failings.

Help me help my blog, and ultimately help you. Or something.

“Help something.”

– Anon

~ by nick on March 12, 2014.

3 Responses to “The Search For Inspirado”

  1. I think you should spend a week writing about purple soft drink , each day post a poem, a short story, a haiku, a limeric about purple soft drink. Yeah that will do it. and maybe draw a picture of Batman fueling the batmobile with purple soft drink.

  2. You’re on.

  3. […] week I ranted about direction, and inspira- look, it’s right here. Refresh yourselves, okay? Right. So one of you, you five diligent readers, left me the following […]

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