Monday Missions: Speedbump

On this, the second Monday into my 10 weeks of productive and officially sanctioned creative time, I did manage, for the second week in a row, to completely ruin the planned day’s events.

For someone who gets conditioned to routine too easily, this is potentially a problem.

But I have a good excuse – I really think I do. You see, it may be attributable to another creative endeavour that has been leeching my waking hours, and thought processes. (note the fast eroding of confidence as I explain further…) This weekend was the opening weekend for the theatre production I have been heavily involved in for the last few months. It’s a show called “All Shook Up”, featuring the King’s greatest hits, and a storyline reminiscent of the type of films the King would appear in. Which is nice. Do you like the King? Do you enjoy cheese? I hear this show is good for lovers of both and either. I am lactose intolerant. However, as with any late night endeavour that takes months of preparation, and absorbs five hours of your each and every evening, the show has left me a little…drained. I slept through two loud alarms this morning.

One of them played this song, really loudly.

So this whole “Treat Monday as a work day, just go to a different work” thing? It’s off to a rough start. All Shook Up will be over this time next week, so let’s call this rough start simply a part of the teething issues, and not dwell on it. Three paragraphs is enough. Let’s talk about metaphors…or do I mean analogies? Let’s talk about analogies

Do you know the difference between a metaphor, a simile and an analogy? I’ll tell you later. But first, my favourite definition of an analogy comes from Community:

Jeff: Do you even know what an analogy is?
Britta: It’s a thought… with another thought’s hat on.

That’s perfect. After that balls up of a closing statement on my last Monday post, I decided that it wasn’t going to happen again, and that I would make a large (but maybe not supreme) effort to compensate you, the dear readers I crave, with better wordplay. I have been juggling my syllables, arranging my adjectives in alliterative arrays…

And now I feel that I cannot compete with that Community quote. Dammit. I feel like I am making demands of myself, and then failing to really understand what I am demanding, yet still demanding it. Is this who I am? Am I that customer who complains about what they ordered, but cannot explain what the complaint really pertains to? (Probably a childhood trauma whose memory is triggered by the sight of cucumber sticks) Am I a constantly demanding person of everything around me? There’s a few things around me I make ceaseless demands of, this is true. Gravity, for instance. If that guy were to ever become complacent, I’d be extremely put out. And probably put off – I’ve seen movies about space, I assume a planet without gravity would look similar, but contain more quizzically confused small dogs, drifting free of their terrestrial prisons. I don’t think my demands on Gravity are unreasonable.

The Tick: Philosopher and Crime-fighter

The Tick: Philosopher and Crime-fighter

Any ways…as I did last week, I will now wrap this thing up with a statement of effort: Today I am going to write two different types of blog posts, and a quick script for a filming idea that was thrown together last night. We were on a live performance high, words were exchanged, laughing got out of control…you know how  it is. Who needs drugs when you have friends who will dance like monkeys with you? I might also look at that book, should I be able to get into the right, claustrophobically dark mind-space (This library is WELL lit). Anyway, last week I said two blog posts and some work on that dormant book of mine, and I did achieve this. The book work involved a fair whack of writing that, whilst it may not be included in its current form, goes a long way to addressing some issues I was having with a particular element in the narrative. No, not the plot, you condescending people. Just a plot-point. Like a fork in the road, with many directions that would all eventually lead back to the main path no matter which way I went, but required me to make an immediate choice least for the short term.

Ahh, metaphor!

Today’s Music: “Skyfall”, covered by Paul F Tompkins. (No, really)

~ by nick on July 7, 2014.

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