Purple Reign: Day Two – Haiku

Purple holds a powerful position. Whilst it is not one of the triumvirate of primary colours, and is not one of the other trio that we use to perceive light with the cells within our eyes, it possesses a number of traits that are just as important, and in many ways, interesting.

Did you like that word I used before? Triumvirate. It comes from an Ancient Roman term used to define a regime dominated by three powerful individuals, each one who is known as an Umvirate. I think that’s pronounced “Oom-veer-aht”. It’s German or something. I don’t know anything about words.

But I do know about paint. What happens if you mix red and blue paint together, I hear you ask? The teacher washes your hands and face, and makes you stand in the corner. But the paint…the paint has metamorphosed. It is now a blend of the primaries, a hue of purple, maybe crimson, maybe a tad more magenta – honestly, that bit’s out of your control at this point, but you can still admire it.

As a colour, it stands out strongly. So strongly in fact, that it’s all but been adopted as “the royal colour”. It’s true – royalty and important people wear it confidentally, whilst if I tried it, the stylist would recommend a lemon shirt, would take a few steps back to appraise, and then dress me completely in sombre grey. I am, thus, not royalty in disguise.

Or am I?

Flavour by colour
Means cola is always red
And grape is purple

Purple the colour
Frequently seen at day
Obscured at night

Power of purple
Is sovereign and regal

~ by nick on March 20, 2014.

One Response to “Purple Reign: Day Two – Haiku”

  1. There is a quite a few other important characters that wear purple apart from royalty.
    The Joker (Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman)
    Rain ( MK video game series)
    Prince (the artist formally known as)
    The Phantom (Billy Zane!)
    Dame Edna Everage
    Jeff (The Purple Wiggle)
    Sentinels (X-Men series)
    Grimace (McDonalds)
    Wonder Twins
    and finally Hit Girl (Kick-Ass)

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