Are YOU A Quitter? (03/12)

Some of you may have noticed a distinct lack of daily updates on this very blog. Some of you may have taken this to mean that the burden of crafting a novel had taken its toll and I had thrown in the towel. Some of you may have also taken this to mean that the dark entities that are curled around Port Amble, the seaside town in my mind, had risen up and devoured my consciousness before I could spoil their secrets…

Those of you thinking about the towel were closest, but wrong.

I have NOT given up. I have NOT thrown in a towel,  my cards, or given up any ghosts, or used any other colourful euphemisms for giving up.   I am a stern negotiator, and would not give ANY of these away for free.  Having said all that, I have relinquished control of my life to…well, the external forces that make our world go round…that makes the sun burn hot, and the moon melt like ice…that makes the bills payable, and the social events attended. In summary, what I am saying is that real life can only be put on hold for so long, before it must be given a measure of freedom. And like many of the more excitable components of the world, Real Life very effectively converts every provided inch into a mile.

So that’s my statement. National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo) may be over, but my work is not. I am continuing to write, and will continue to blog my exploits, and I hope to hear much encouragement from the three of you. (you, that guy, and Google)

End of Day Word Count: 35,183. (NOT a Quitter.)

~ by nick on December 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “Are YOU A Quitter? (03/12)”

  1. More words! and less vowels. Give yourself a real challenge…

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