Dumb Technology Things (29/11)

I made a reference to something yesterday, and then completely failed to elaborate on it (even after telling you, the engaged reader, not to make a specific face as I would explain).

The scenario I had quickly depicted, was one where I, as the author of a document, had performed a deft maneuver that could be called sleight-of-hand, and managed just like a more intentional prestidigitator, to completely vanish an object – in this case it was an intricately assembled slab of words. Gone. No puff of smoke, no re-appearing behind a small child’s ear (Although that would be impressive any day). And this scenario is not a “what if”, it’s “how did I do” scenario. But I figured it out, dear readers, and it’s due to….THE T WORD.

The laptop is incredible invention. Using the science of miniaturisation (it’s a science – shut up), we have compressed an entire desktop machine into a plastic and metal wafer that can be lost between pillows on a couch. Along with being easily concealed, this provides incredible freedom of use, you can literally use it anywhere you can get a flat surface (and even in places where you can get by with a touch of balance).  And as part of the squishing-down, it has transformed the hand-eye coordinated navigation device we know as “The Mouse” into a flat panel we call “The Touchpad”. That The Touchpad is evil in disguise.

All you need to do is gently bring your hand, or finger, into close proximity to The Touchpad, and by not even touching it, it will sense you, and it will start DOING things. For instance, if you are typing, but your mouse pointer is at a different part of the screen, The Touchpad will spring to life, at the location fo the pointer, and it may start inserting your typing at that distance place. Or it may select, and then select again, and then if you continue typing, oblivious to the selecting, it will ERASE WHAT IT HAD SELECTED.

The Touchpad wants to ruin you. And if you do not keep your eye on it, IT WILL SUCCEED.

End of Day Word Count: 34,519. (The Mouse is your ally.)

~ by nick on November 29, 2013.

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