You cannot type Technology without a keyboard (28/11)

My efforts to update over the last few days have been restricted, both by the T word and by Time. No, not Time. The OTHER T word.

As regular readers are aware, I have been keeping my updates in separately named files, so that way should I do something horrendously stupid and wipe out a chunk of text and then save (no, don’t make that face – I’ll explain), I still have a Plan B that keeps me fairly up to date. These files are all stored away in Dropbox, my personal favourite way of syncing such work.

Dropbox looks like, and acts just like, any other folder on your computer. You put files in it, and they stay there. (That last bit is my favourite bit) But this is where it gets clever – you install Dropbox on to all your computers, and the files you have stored in there are shared. ALMOST AS IF BY MAGIC.

But we know it’s not magic, is it? It’s the T word.

Anyway, the T word has saved me a few times of late. Wednesday night we had an internet issue, in that it went missing. Devices said they were connected and using it, but nothing actually worked. Except for…Dropbox. Well, that didn’t actually work either, but by saving things into it, they were preserved and then, later when the internet was restored, Dropbox did it’s magic and HEY PRESTO! New files, everywhere. Dropbox is my superhero.

I love the T word.

End of Day Word Count: 34,519. (T FOR TECHNOLOGY)

~ by nick on November 28, 2013.

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