Cold, Hard, Wordy Truth (25/11)

I came to a realisation today: for the last three years, I have committed to something in November, for the duration of November, and had this commitment hang on for months afterwards. My realisation is that this year does not seem to be any different (I have regularly had to retain Movember moustaches for theatrical purposes – but I also raised a fair chunk of charity coin with them, so it was worthwhile). Other realisations were also made, as I pored over the stats on my blog, and the stats on my account. They were a bunch of numbers, not at all connected to one another (I think I was just bingeing on numbers with some kind of tangential connection to me), and I came to the following three conclusions:

1) I have three regular readers – I know all three of you, and two are on this continent, the third in the Americas. None of these three are American.

2) You lot don’t care for my well-researched quotes. That’s fair enough.

3) No matter how hard I write, I will not complete this book in November. There. I said it.

Now if you compare the third conclusion with the opening realisation, you’ll see where this is going. There are at least 13 sections to this book – I hesitate to call them chapters, because if I do so, they are very meaty chapters. Nomenclature aside, there are 13 portions, and to date I am working on portion 6 – I am not even halfway through the planned story, and I’ve also racked up a bit over 31,000 words, meaning the total piece of work is likely to be about 70,000 words in length.

If I continue writing at this speed, I think I can have a draft done by Christmas. If the recent interruptions of life are also anything to go by (with a Christmas prediction thrown in), we could be talking mid-January. Suddenly that Movember effort feels like it was the easy one…

End of Day Word Count: 32,865. (And a new calendar that has a 60-day-long November)

~ by nick on November 25, 2013.

2 Responses to “Cold, Hard, Wordy Truth (25/11)”

  1. Word harder!!

    Is it an option to cut the trip to Minsk out of the release version to maintain the November timeline?

    • Look, I considered it strongly. But if I did that, then the sequence about the slave uprising in New Zealand wouldn’t make sense anymore….

      I’ve said too much.

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