Back In The Saddle (13/11)

Yesterday I did very poorly, and wrote nothing of the book I have been so public about. I made this public proclamation of procrastination on the understanding of a very simple tenement:

When a weakness is exposed, the Internet will pounce on it.

This is not quite an absolute – it can go one of two ways, and the direction is not always apparent until it happens. In many cases, a declaration of definition of a personal failing or weakness (or a “I hate myself – Come at me, bro!” challenge) will be met by withering criticisms and mocking of the poster. The internet CAN be so mean. In some instances, and these are the ones that remind you of the good in humanity, the internet will gather around this person, and with affirmation and sympathies, will help the poster get back on their feet and lift their head high.

Somehow I found a third, and I hope this is because I have a small audience, with many not knowing how well I react to derogatory criticism. This third was in equal parts deflating, and terrifying: I received nothing. No abuse, no motivation, a void of response. Which had me quite worried – did this mean that ultimately, no one really cared (or could be bothered to care)? By the end of the day I HAD received feedback, some motivation from parties both close to this blog, and further afield. But the important thing was that there was indeed feedback being fed back.

And on top of this gentle encouragement, I had one of my pieces of businesses that I obtusely referenced yesterday, come to fruition – turnaround in less than 24 hours is pretty good, if I do say so myself. The writing was actually a little rougher than I was wanting, but it was a desperate first pass fired off with nary a second glance – you can read it here, under the banner “Nick’s Don’t Picks” – please have a read. I like that name. It speaks to me having a position of knowledge. AND NOW, I AM SUFFICIENTLY MOTIVATED!

So…when I asked for put-downs to motivate me, I wasn’t kidding. Next time, you should tell me I can’t do something and see what happens – could be fun! Instead of getting the kick I needed from willpower and harsh truth, I had to settle for extra coffee today.

YES. EXTRA COFFEE. The Port has been visited twice today, with me having just wrapped up the second sortie. It’s feeling good.

End of Day Word Count: 20,384. (COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE STARTS WITH “C”.)

~ by nick on November 13, 2013.

2 Responses to “Back In The Saddle (13/11)”

  1. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up. From the president of your fan club!

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