A Brief Respite From The Monolith (12/11)

You know, I thought I’d beaten the system. I thought I’d successfully circumnavigated the issues that Week 2 brings with it, and the reality is I was fooling nobody except myself.

Well, maybe a few others, but that’s a very different story for another day.

Today I did write, and I was quite productive…but not on my book. Today I did not write a single word regarding Port Amble, it’s occupants, or the dark evil that seems to be inhabiting the place. Maybe it’s all the imaginary sea air – it did me good, but I had to get away for a while before I became a desiccated husk of a writer. That would be a terrible thing for both you, and I. Mostly for I.

But like I said, productive nonetheless. I’m a man of business, I have many avenues of business going at any one time. I have coffee with my business, and I have business with my leisure time. Today I combined the leisure and business – it might turn into something, it might not. I have bills to pay, and ideally I would like to pay them with my business, but that’s a matter of many bridges away, and a basket full of eggs, those little, white potential chickens. Quantum Chickens, I guess.

(You probably shouldn’t Google that term – I did, and it has surprising results)

I worked on another piece of business today, a long-running, slowly-evolving piece of business. Today I added some valuable details that I’ve been toying with, forming like playdough over the last few weeks. Now they are the right shape – so now, they were added in properly. Odd though. I mean, who prints out a profile from a social media website? This character does. *points at character*

And lastly, probably the bit that really did me in, was Work. I had plowed through yesterday, emerged victorious and with energy for a battery of new words, but today…today my brain was weak. The body was willing, the fingers were primed, but brain didn’t even call in. He just hit snooze on the metaphor of this paragraph, and I’ve lost my train of thought. Maybe it was being stuck looking at monitors all day, I don’t know, but I certainly couldn’t muster the mental energy and stamina to write anything new for Port Amble.


I feel that, given the intent of this month, today was a bit of a failure. Please berate/encourage/question me in the comments section – I need the motivation/commiseration/bodily threats. Thank you, party people!


End of Day Word Count: 18,229. (Does that number sound familiar? It should…)

~ by nick on November 12, 2013.

2 Responses to “A Brief Respite From The Monolith (12/11)”

  1. Come on Nick, you can do it! Nick, Nick, he’s our man, if he can’t write it, no one can!
    Goooooooo Nick!

    Stay motivated Nick, NaNoWriMo is a great way to get a new piece of work well on it’s way, but you’ve still got to do the hard yards. I believe in you!

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