Dynamic Duo (11/11)

Today two of my main characters met for the first time – it was quite exciting!

Their stories are very much interwoven from this point, lots of overlapping and some relying on one another, but up until now that was just a plan – a predesignated idea of how they were going to relate. Sure, these kinds of things can be engineered, they can be made to work…but sometimes, lucky times, you don’t have to do any engineering and they just get along. Today was one of these lucky occasions.

They meet in a bit of an odd way, both having strange experiences but also neither wanting to let on to such a thing. They have, all truth be told, nothing in common, except they are in this town at the same time. Their reasons for being there aren’t even similar. (probably quite opposite, now I think about it). But this first meeting? It works. They are pleasant, they chat briefly, one even takes a liking to the others manner. Then, towards the end, one offers the other a lift back into town – this was not part of my plans.

The idea behind this scene was mostly acknowledgement – they would meet, they would talk, and they would now both be aware of the other. That was it, that was the brief I had given myself. And yet when interaction began, they talked and expressed clear emotion. One was embarrassed, the other relaxed. Then the tables turned and the relaxed one became embarrassed. But the best bit? The best bit was that I wasn’t thinking about the exchanges. I knew the important beats for the scene, and the exchange found them, lifted them up on their shoulders, and plowed through the crowded event that is any social interaction.

So I have a dynamic duo. Neither is really Batman, but both are going to learn from the other so it’s now Robin and Robin. Being a big Robin fan, was it this analogy that got me through the potential Week 2 Slump? I’m not denying it, but personally I think this could be a team-up that’s even more interesting than the one I had planned.

End of Day Word Count: 18,229. (And I used the words “soporific” “ashen” and “vandalism”. It was fun.)

~ by nick on November 11, 2013.

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