Paradixocal Physics (09/11)

Today was a day that NaNoWriMo had dedicated to a write-a-thon, to encourage all of us budding writers to stay on track after what was no doubt a stellar first week’s effort. I can’t speak for all the other writers out there, but I know that I certainly wrote a lot more on a single project than I really expected. This does make me feel slightly guilty, as we were away for this past week, and I had almost unlimited time to indulge in my creations and forming their stories…so I really could have done a lot more. However, the past is what it is (was?) and I’m still pretty happy with breaching the 10k barrier. Good on me!

And so I have devoted most of today to…not writing. I have a few minor excuses, but they don’t really hold water. We spent the first half of today packing up a house and driving back from the lovely peninsula to our homes in Melbourne. This was a pleasant but time-intensive way to spend the morning, so my writing time was really restricted to the period immediately following my unpacking/putting on washing/spending quality time with my cats who probably missed me. This still meant I had from approximately 12:30 onwards to write. And…I did. A bit.

As I said, today was a dedicated writing session, as declared by the NaNoWriMo upper echelons. The problem I have with this, is that no matter what the event or activity, I have an immediate reaction to anyone telling me what I have to do, and that is that I mentally dig my heels in, almost reflexively. This is a dumb thing to do, as many of the things that get this reaction are things I’d otherwise be more than happy to be involved in. So here was my dilemma – my brain had painted “Write All Day Saturday” in the fashion of an Unstoppable Force, and so had decided, by default and without consultation, that I should therefore be an Immovable Object. And then…

*mimes fist running into palm of other hand – neither hand budges, wins, or otherwise explodes colourfully*


So here I sat, trying to write. And I didn’t get very far. I did the following:

– re-set up my writing folder to be on my Dropbox account (meaning it’s backed up, and I can get it from most anywhere now. Neat.)

– played some “Batman: Arkham Origins” (come on – it’s Batman!)

And learnt that today’s date, 9-11-13, is made up of 3 consecutive odd numbers. This only happens 5 times a century. There you go.
Oh all right, I also did some writing. But not much.

End of Day Word Count: 14,232. (But I can do better, honest. Ask me something! Anything!)

~ by nick on November 10, 2013.

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