Difficult Second Album (08/11)

What do you do when faced with writer’s block, and you are supposed to be writing about a character’s lethargy and inability to think straight?

Well, in my case you spend the better part of an hour reading things. Anything. Because your words have dried up and you cannot get anything worthwhile down on paper.

Today’s blog post refers to a scenario I have seen music critics refer to when reviewing the second album of a band who’s first was quite successful – apparently, because the first can actually be the culmination of many years work and fine-tuning, a second album may not have the same pedigree, having been demanded and expected after the initial success. I felt very much like this today, only without the kudos and success.


…You can comment and tell me how much you like my words, at ANY time…

Yesterday I finished the “Saturday” portion of my novel, and it was now time to embark on the story of another character. This required a tonal shift, a change in vernacular and grammar. It was a big change, and it caused me no end of grief. However, I persevered and made it maybe a quarter of the way required. This was a good start, and given how I felt at the start, sharing my character’s vagueness and inability to concentrate, I felt more than happy with the progress.

Tomorrow, I travel. Then, hopefully I rock on and get a more than satisfactory second album out. Or some other musical metaphor.

End of Day Word Count: 13,200.

~ by nick on November 9, 2013.

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