The End of the…Dammit. (04/11)

Tonight we prevented the ancient evil of Yog-Sothoth from encroaching into our dimension. We accomplished this feat through the deft use of…dice.

It was recently pointed out to me that I seem to have a preference for games that revolve around stories. And this is true – if my efforts in a game form part of a running narrative, I definitely enjoy it a whole lot more. This is most often something I experience in computer gaming, but more and more I am finding ways to indulge in this through board games.

Like any good story, a good game will set your scene, introduce the characters and the required mechanics, and then let the story evolve. There is usually two end points – one is the set in stone, “Lose” scenario, whilst the other, the “Win” is often mutable. For some games, a Win is an individual event, with one person closing the case, defeating the dragon or escaping the crumbling temple. Others, it’s a scripted ending that ends the story in a pre-defined way.

So tonight we had two options: the Old One Yog-Sothoth would awaken and devour us all, or we would lock him away and the world would be safe.

And so we locked him away, his malevolent presence being restrained from entering our world. And with that, I decided I need a new ending for my story. Dammit.

What happens to Port Amble now?

End of Day Word Count: 3,500. (and a head full of scrunched up ideas)

~ by nick on November 5, 2013.

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