A message from the author…

The below is a particularly uninspired attempt to drum up ticket sales for a show I’m involved in. It was emailed out, but I thought I’d share it with you, my indentured readership of two.



All right, all right, it’s that time of year again, so if you’ve been keeping an OCD calendar like I have, you’ll know what’s coming.

Yes! It’s my annual show-selling spiel in email form! This is how it goes…

I open with a winding prelude, suggesting that there’s some form of creative endeavour I’m involved in. This goes for a few sentences, and usually includes clues or hints as to the true nature of the production. (murder, music, Robert Louis Stevenson)

Next paragraph will be one announcing the production company (ARC Theatre) and the show (Jekyll & Hyde). At this point, I will rave for a while about what the show promises you, including repeat the clues, but with further detail (lots of singing and acting, a tale of dark dualities, LOTS AND LOTS of murders) and the introduction of the involvement I myself am having in the show (I’m playing the role of Sir Danvers Carew, father of Jekyll’s fiancee, Chairman of the Board of Governors, and potentially a Jedi Knight*).
As always, I will now describe how I would love to have you all attend the show, not for me, but to enjoy the production in all it’s facets. I will stress that my part is only one of many, so if you were considering coming to see me in a starring role, you’d be at this point warned to think otherwise.

Penultimately, the most important bit for all who have been enticed by the above, I’ll include the details of the show’s season. (July 6 – 14, Banyule Theatre, here’s a link to the Facebook event  and online ticket booking facilities ) This paragraph is very thoroughly filled with such pertinent details.

Finally, I will wrap it all up with a form of teaser, implying excitement, entertainment, and EXTERMINATION. But…of who? Or whom?


-sir DC

*The Director has not given clearance on any Jedi characterisations, but rest assured I will be carrying a concealed lightsaber at all times.)

~ by nick on June 22, 2012.

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