So it’s been a while since I’ve been seen in these parts, but it’s okay, because like I have a good excuse: I haven’t  written anything. And before you lash me with vitriolic comments (both of you), I do know that excuse is a bit of a cop-out. It stands to reason that if my blog has not been updated, I haven’t been writing. But there’s more to it – only slightly more, but more nonetheless.

The problem I’ve been encountering is one not of inspiration, but rather of process. Everyday I pass my daily commute in a contemplative fugue, wondering on questions of modern culture, or mentally tearing strips off something I’ve recently witnessed. More rarely, but with just as much neural enthusiasm, I found myself psychically rejoicing in another matter, be it print, cinematic or audio. I think I’m out of synonyms for “using my brain.”. Regardless, these ruminations end to note-taking: endless note-taking, sometimes with pages of depth, and other times resulting in a line that reads “Katy Perry – you look just like”. (no, I don’t know where that was leading either) It’s the next crucial step, the transformation of notes and concepts into actual writing which is my Achilles’ Heel. The content is there, but the mechanics are weak.

I currently have a week off work (that’s right, burglars take note), and I have decided that it’s time to create some form of textual discipline. If I can get some kind of framework for my thinking-to-writing, then this thing will update itself like clockwork. Granted, I’ll still be involved, but my input will be less the gritty lubricant of inactivity, and more the smoother graphite of efficiency.

That metaphor now bothers me deeply.

What this blog needs is some kind of purpose. I feel I’m going back to the core of “why am I writing”, and rebooting it. I like reboots. They can often help a great concept get back to what made it so great. Some reboots do not. What if the two were combined to create a new concept from an old one, by rebooting it and including blogging as part of it?

Day 1: Kicked out of army. WTF!??! ‘Scool, got my homes with me.

Day 2: BA hooked us up with a sweet van. LOL

Day 3: Gonna just drive around, sort shit out. Sweet.

Day 60: All right, I’m sick to death of these guys – get me out of this freaking van.

Okay, maybe the concept isn’t as great as I thought it might be. But to be really fair, the A-Team wasn’t a reboot but rather a re-hash. Either way, this is what I’m doing – I’m rebooting my blog. There will now be deep political and religious themes that will unfold through my three or four seasons, and will ultimately reveal that I had the big finale planned from day one. I’m in a band now.


~ by nick on February 14, 2011.

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