Lapse Of Judgment 2: Introducing Nicktau

My account is currently a bi-polar event.

The first facet is “Kapnbariswav”, a weaver of the magic arts who focuses mostly on frost spells. Why? I don’t know. Ice is cool (no pun intended), and I liked the idea a bit more than the usual sparkly/explodey magic. The second, ‘Nicktau” (yes, I was really uninspired) is like the mutant offspring of a minotaur and a smurf. From space. I know, not really a great description, but it’s the only thing that fits.

I’ll focus on Nicktau today, as he was the focus of last night’s gaming. Whenever you start a new character, you go through what is essentially a very long tutorial, with the first 10 levels of your character pretty much being identical to anyone else who was to play in that area. I wandered around, handed in the quests, got a feel for the place and I have to say it: it feels weird.

The Draenei (which is what Blizzard have termed these Astro-Smurf-Otaurs. I like Smurfotaurs better.) are a space-faring race who have somehow crashed amongst the verdant lands of the world. Using some kind of purple-crystal technology and sounding vaguely Russian, they are preaching a peaceful-type philosophy, but obviously have the bulk and grit to back up their arguments if it comes down to fists. This is nice, I like a bit of sci-fi in my fantasy. So I load up my Paladin and get questing.

Wait – why do space-farers have such a strange feudal class system when they are a peaceful, scientific bunch? I understand the implications of introducing “Scientist” “Technician” and “Botanist” classes, but surely there could be a few more steps to my “newly awakened” Smurf-Otaur as he decides which of the primitive ways of life best suit him. Alas, this is not the case, as he picks up the hammer and put his faith in some deity without a second’s hesitation.

Nicktau, your religious fervour and your backwards-bending legs concern me.

~ by nick on July 21, 2010.

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