Lapse Of Judgment

I may have made a woeful mistake recently in reactivating my World Of Warcraft account.

It’s easy to tell myself that I did it to hang out online with one of my friends, and it’s even easier when I have colleagues who also play, and easier still when I can rationalize a quarter of the year subscription costs the same as three movie tickets…yep, I’m definitely making excuses.

The unexpected reason, which is currently ringing most true, is that it’s giving me a perfect case study that I can use to consider in my day-to-day work. Charged as I am with the fixing and maintaining plans for a pretty super website, I find myself struggling with the potential enormity in front of me every release. Some of those problems are BIG problems. But having spent three years away from Azeroth, I was familiar enough with the game that I remembered vividly the at-times fickle control elements, and the vague mapping of quests and events. Boy, have times been kind to WoW…

Think of this as the first in a series of writings on my experiences here. I know, there’s probably very little I can say about a game that a few million people haven’t previously voiced, but this is stuff I’m just learning, so I’m going to try and put it together, and then into context myself.

~ by nick on July 20, 2010.

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