“Are you all sitting comfortably?”

I am Nick, and I will be your host.

This blog will be one of intimacy, dark expression of hidden thoughts, and ultimately, fun.

Between my day job (yes, I have one), I’m also a main contributer to the world’s foremost site for coffee and lunacy, so this will mean my posting schedule may be a little erratic. I’ve taken a solemn vow by candlelight, and stated that as well as avenging the murder of the Wayne family, I will post one, maybe two proper articles here every week. Around these posts I’m going to see what I can get thrown in to keep you thinking, but more on that as it happens.

Yes, the first post and I got a Batman joke in. This is likely to be a recurring theme. I do apologise now.

~ by nick on July 12, 2010.

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